We Are Prevented…

“We Are Prevented; You Whose Presence Is

A Publick New-Yeares Gift, A Common Bliss

To All That Love Or Feare, Give No Man Leave

To Vie A Gift But First He Shall Receave;

Like As The Persian Sun With Golden Eies

First Shines Upon The Priest And Sacrifice.


Ile On Howere; May This Yeare Happier Prove

Than All The Golden Age When Vertue Strove

With Nothing But With Vertue; May It Bee

Such As The Dayes Of Saturnes Infancy.

May Every Tide And Season Joyntly Fitt

All Your Intents And Your Occasions Hitt:

May Every Grayne Of Sand Within Your Glass

Number A Fresh Content Before It Pass.

And When Success Comes On, Stand Then Each Howre

Like Josuah’s Day, & Grow To Three Or Fowre:

At Last When This Yeare Rounds And Wheeles Away,

Bee Still The Next Yeare Like The Old Yeares Day.” – William Strode

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