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Simply Amazing Quotes

SimplyAmazingQuotes is here to deliver amazing daily quotes direct to you that will both inspire you and bring happiness to your life. We offer a subscription where you get a daily quote each day that is downloadable and accessible. Click here for more information.

My name is Rosie Parker and I am super passionate about inspirational and motivational quotes. When I say I have a passion it is more of an obsession. I love reading and thinking about quotes. I have them on my desk, as my background on my phone, as a screensaver on my laptop.   I use them as prints in my bedroom. I even have a black board out the front of my house, where I write quotes that I share with my local community.

I am the owner and the brains behind this website SimplyAmazingQuotes.  I am on a mission to make it easy to have a downloadable and customizable quote for every day of the year for the people that are as obsessed of quotes as I am. These daily quotes can be for anyone whether you are a teacher, coach, parent, student, leader, motivational speaker.  Maybe you are a person that wants to get their life back on track by waking up looking forward to what quote it is today.

If you would like more information about the best quotes and how to be inspired follow along on my blog where I post regularly!


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