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Daily Quote Subscriptions

Looking to be inspired and motivated by the best quotes every day? Would you like them to just appear in your inbox every morning ready for when you wake up? Every single day of the year!

Maybe you would even like to be able to download them onto your phone. Or print them out so that you can display it on your desk or in your bedroom. You might even like to have an aesthetic theme to your downloadable daily quotes.

If you are looking for the most inspiring and motivational daily quotes – you have found the right place. We provide you with an affordable subscription that entitles you to a customizable, aesthetic, downloadable, quote that appears in your inbox every single day of the year. That is 365 days each year (except for a leap year – you will get 366 quotes that year).
I personally love daily quotes. Waking up each morning and reading and absorbing a quote helped me start the day. But sometimes it got boring when I picked up a piece of card with the same boring old words and colors. My inspiration just evaporated. That’s why I came up with the idea of a subscription to a daily quote and SimplyAmazingQuotes was born. It fixes the issue of boring quotes. I now have a new inspiring quote every day. It is also customizable, downloadable and super easy to access.

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